prompt: Kakashi POV—he notices how Sasuke hovers over Sakura as she heals him.

note: to the anon who sent this in—I AGREE! This is a tribute to Kakashi because I love him so much and god, I would die if he died like hONESTLY please. you can send me as many kakashi prompts as you’d like im paying all my respects to him now ok

Kakashi blinked slowly, his vision blurring. Where was he? He heard faint sobbing above him. The first thing he saw was pink hair. That was Sakura. Behind her, he saw a mess of navy and off-white grey. He blinked again.

"…Sakura." He managed to croak.

A gasp was heard from the girl before he felt a massive amount of weight on his chest. She was sobbing into him. When his vision cleared, he realized that it was Sasuke standing behind Sakura. He frowned—when had he come?

As his everything began to sink in, Kakashi noticed that Sasuke was unusually close to the pink haired girl. And for once, she wasn’t paying any attention to him. All her attention was focused on healing Kakashi. The jounin tilted his head to look around. They were in the middle of the battlefield.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura continued to wail, now mixing with her laughter. He watched as Sasuke’s hand squeezed Sakura’s shoulder reassuringly.

Kakashi realized that Sasuke was protecting her. He was alert, his eyes darting around to scan for enemies. He was placed close to Sakura, his knees touching her back, so that he could deflect any attack that came to her. His left hand was resting on her shoulder—telling her he was there, though his knee was proof enough—and his other hand lay near the Kusanagi.

Kakashi realized at that point how much Sasuke cared about Sakura’s safety.

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