prompt: Sasuke and Sakura’s child’s first word is ‘teme’. Sasuke is really mad about it.

note: ahh, sorry, country fair was happening at my school and im sure you guys dont care but yeah!! im incredibly tired but i miss sasusaku </3 ALSO SEND ME MORE PROMPTS!


Sasuke and Sakura turned to look at each other curiously. They were confused as whether to be incredibly happy because their baby’s first word has been said or be horrified that it was an affectionately derogatory term for Sasuke. Ten seconds past and Sakura burst out laughing. At the same time, she reached over and stroked Miko’s head.

"This is not funny," Sasuke glared at her, "I’m going to kill the Dobe. Who teaches someone else’s kid that?"

Sakura continued to laugh, but she pulled him close. Her arms went to wrap around his waist as she continued chuckling into his shoulder. He returned the embrace but not as enthusiastically. In fact, Sakura knew exactly what kind of homicidal thoughts were passing through his mind at this moment.

"Relax," she cooed, "this is not her only word! This will make a great story!"

"Their first word was supposed to be mommy or daddy! Not ‘teme’!" Sasuke hissed in her ear, only sending her into another fit of giggles.

"I’m sorry," she said in between laughs, "but this is kind of like daddy. Just in a different way."

"Miko will not call me Teme." Sasuke replied harshly.

Sakura patted his butt and turned back to Miko before muttering, “If you say so…”

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