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Breakdown of the RAW (Chapter 693)


I can’t believe I have to do this.

Thank you thelittlestmiju for providing scans.  I was able to take the parts that really matter.

This chapter confirms that Sakura still loves Sasuke romantically. Period.  Here’s the breakdown.





"I…I know the truth is I won’t be able to do anything.

Even though I love you!!

Even though I care so much about [you] Sasuke-kun!!”

*Sakura uses 大好き ”daisuki”.  Present tense. It is a common word to use while confessing your love for someone.  I do not understand why some people are trying to twist this into the same meaning as “I love hamburgers” or “I love my family”.  Can you use “daisuki” in those sentences? Sure.  But that is why context exists to help guide the reader. Let me put it this way… It’s the same in English:

"I love hamburgers"

"I love my family"

"I love you (romantic interest)"

CONTEXT.  Con-fuckin-text.

If you are literate and have a good memory, you know that Sasuke does not fit the “food” and “family” categories. And moreover…


*Sakura recalls her FIRST confession to Sasuke.  She adds to the romantic context.  No one argues that chapter 181 isn’t romantic, so why would chapter 693 be any different? It’s literally a parallel to chapter 181 (especially Sasuke’s “You really are annoying” that is also done on purpose).  I mean, how stupid does this sound: “I love you as a platonic friend!” …No.





"But… but Sasuke-kun! If there’s even a little place in the corner of your heart for me… even a little…

Please… don’t go far away anymore! 

If we stay together forever, we can go back to the old days…”

*Together forever doesn’t necessarily mean just her and Sasuke. Sakura wants the old team 7 back.  However, that does not mean she cares any less for him romantically.  Read the first paragraph.  Skipping over some things, we have Sasuke’s line:




"Was she having fun daydreaming of love?

There’s no reason for me to like her or her to like me”

*Sasuke does not say he has no interest in Sakura.  I have no idea where Mangapanda got that.  All he tries to apply is “reason”.  His own logic that he thinks is right.  In other words, no matter how he feels (like or not), there is no reason for them to like each other.  This is his mindset right now.




"You only need a reason when you hate someone!

Besides, Sakura’s wish right now isn’t to become yours!”

*Kakashi implies that love doesn’t need a reason by saying you only need a reason when it comes to hate.  He is countering Sasuke’s “logic/thoughts” of not having a reason for him and Sakura to like each other.

*Sasuke took Sakura’s words as romantic, therefore we are meant to also.  Otherwise he would not have responded the way he did (not needing a reason to like/love each other, and the parallel to chapter 181, aka, a romantic confession).

*Kakashi isn’t saying that Sakura doesn’t ever want to be with Sasuke romantically. He is saying FOR NOW, her priority is to save him and not try to win him over. That makes her love for him selfless.  That’s exactly what he was saying in chapter 675.  That Sakura grew up from being a fangirl with a crush to a wonderful girl who loves Sasuke genuinely and knows priorities. 






"She wants to save you!

This child [girl] who was almost killed by you, she’s still shedding tears while caring for you…

It’s because she loves you so much it’s making her suffer! [breaks her heart]”

*Kakashi uses 愛する/愛して ”ai suru/ai shite”, which is the strongest way to clarify love, especially romantic love.  

*Sakura loves Sasuke, but her priority is to save him.  What Kakashi said is again, a follow up from chapter 675. Sakura’s love changed (aka, totally different level) from being somewhat selfish to selfless/crush to full on love.  Except this time, he is extremely clear.  He is also basing this off of not only his observation of Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke, but her romantic confession she just shouted out a few seconds (minutes?) prior.  They go hand in hand. 

Sakura has an unconditional love for Sasuke; nearing 700 chapters it’s still romantic.  

Dare I say it again? Context.

Just a fun note, since no one disagrees chapter 181 (her first confession) isn’t romantic… in her original confession, Sakura used 好きで好きで 
(“Sukide sukide”) which is still love, but it is a slightly lesser form than 大好き (“daisuki”) which she used in THIS confession (693). Therefore, her feelings are stronger than what they were in part one. Kakashi is right; highlighting that her love for Sasuke is genuine and not selfish. 

The only ones deluding themselves into think Sakura doesn’t love Sasuke are NaruSaku fans.  Listen, the platonic problem is yours, don’t push your problems onto us.

Anti-SS shippers keep playing the abuse card. I'm pretty sure most of us shipped SS since before it was cruel/abusive, and even so, that doesn't mean we approve of/romanticize his treatment of her and her emotions. And it doesn't mean it won't become canon either. If this is Sasuke's last episode of bullshit before he's a good guy again, I'm about 99.9% sure that we won't see any more of the cruel/abusive aspects of their relationship, except perhaps some teasing words.

i dont want to read too much into it, but i didnt really think his hand through her chest (lol) was “abusive”……… neither was the almost murder because they were engaged in combat…… idk i dont rly care for a-ss arguments, and im not claiming his hand through her chest is cute neither is choking her but i dont think its problematic


When Kakashi said Sakura loves Sasuke, he used ‘ 'ai suru'  which is basically the strongest term of love.

how can anyone be still in denial?

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"Now tell me… how do you love a monster like me?"