day 21: rewind the time

note: imagine if sasuke never tried to chidori sakura

"Sasuke… stop…" Karin choked out, seeing the crackling lights shining brightly behind Sakura.

Sasuke froze, his eyes relaxing, his arm lowering. There was a surge of doubt that resounded through him, shaking him at the core. The memories of Sakura smiling at thirteen years old flash, once and then twice. The picture of Sakura grinning from ear to ear in their team photo.

The chirping of a thousand birds disappeared into the air.

Sakura gasped and turned around, kunai poised in her hand. He felt a tremor run through him—he’d been right. She was trying to kill him. His eyes faltered, unguarded for just a moment. She caught his eye.

She dropped the kunai, letting it clank loudly onto the stone ground. Tears readily started streaming down her face, sobs ripping from her throat. She clutched her chest in an unmerciful grip. The sound of her cries was a relentless pounding in his head.

Slowly, his hand inched closer to the one supporting her. Sakura’s fingers were curled up unto themselves, knuckles turning pale. His fingers slid closer, until he touched hers.

Her sobbing instantly lowered to small hiccups.

Sakura stared at him, mouth agape. As his index twisted around her ring fingers, the pounding in his head reduced and the tightening in his chest lightened.


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note: todays prompt fit with the chapter soososososo, take it as you will. their bond is indestructible etc etc.


Sasuke’s eyes were hard, determined. They reminded Sakura of all the ambition churning in him, the will to never lose. He would make it back to her, she knew, because he needed to.

Sakura could feel her body slumping—her eyes were closing on their own, her shoulders felt heavy and she could see her surroundings heaving to the side. Her breath left through her parted lips and then it was dark.

She anticipated to feel the plush sand cushion her. Instead she felt a pulsing warmth cover her back and fingers grip the side of her arm gently. Her eyes fluttered open despite its weight.

Sasuke stood beside her, holding her against him. Her hand instinctively gripped his leg to steady herself. He felt so secure, so strong. His shoulder held her upright as her head lulled to the side, cheek resting against the crook of his neck.

He smelled like dirt and sweat and body odour, but it was Sasuke. Under the grime, she smelled him. He smelled like her childhood dreams and crooked smirks. Her lips quirked upwards. She cracked open her eyes to peek at him.

Sasuke was frowning at her, his eyes narrowed and slightly angry. Her lips straightened. His fingers grazed the burns on her right arm. She flinched, and his fingers drifted back up.

She’d seen that look before. His eyebrows were drawn in slightly, his mouth turned downwards, his eyes hard. They looked angry at first glance, but it was simmering frustration. He had given that look countless times to Naruto, when he did something reckless in battle and got hurt.

The look was different when directed at her. She didn’t completely recognize it. If she let herself dream, she’d say there was pain mixed in. His lips were curving downwards, as if he’d just swallowed a bitter pill.

His words drifted in and out of her ears, a deep hum on her left side. She felt his chest rumble, his throat vibrate. She felt warm, felt protected. She almost smiled.

"…but thanks to you, I made it." The words left his mouth smoothly, as if he had no hesitation thanking her, as if he’d wanted to do it for a long time.

Her ears caught the words and her heart reacted. They weren’t the same words as back then, but she couldn’t help be thrown back. It was uncanny that she was about to pass out yet again, but at least he was here. Her throat felt dry and her tongue felt like it was stuck in her throat, but she struggled.

"You’re… welcome…" she choked out, her voice raspy and tired, but she desperately hoped it would reach him.