in light of 690 u all HAVE to read ‘fanboys’ by ohwhatsherface becuz ive read it 100 times i could probably recite it to u basically sasuke is in denial of being in love with sakura except he does all these nice things for her and even though its an au it is spot on bcuz he does the same exact thing in canon verse

@driftingamongtheclouds ehhhh ripples isnt particularly outstanding…. one of my followers (was it u???) urged me to read it and it was ok….like 6.5/10 idk worth reading but ehhhhhhh

my friend is trying to set me up with a rich tall hot guy

So do you have like a list of good Sasusaku fanfics or something because I'm interested and I love them and can't stop reading them and the ones I've seen you recommend on your blog from time to time are really good.

thnk u!!!!!!!! caro has the best multi chap fics though!!! but i have a recs┬átag, so check there :’)

guys i just crossed w the hot guy from my chinese class and we were like catching up but it was awkward im so disappointed

Girl you are beautiful *^*

aw thnx!!!!!

Aw bae you're so pretty! ^^

thank u bae!!!!

im sweaty and hungry and i havent even been to my first class yet