lmao like no matter what narusaku fanart or headcanon comes up im like ‘perf….brotp…..’

sasuke-uch1ha im keeping that prompt in my inbox bcuz its actually rly hot but im working on something now!!!!! thnx shanna!!!!!!

i think i tell my blogs more stuff than i tell my friends

i am literally stuck in a writers block and i want to lock myself in my room until i write something i love

Do u have a masterlist for all your prompts ?

in light of 690 u all HAVE to read ‘fanboys’ by ohwhatsherface becuz ive read it 100 times i could probably recite it to u basically sasuke is in denial of being in love with sakura except he does all these nice things for her and even though its an au it is spot on bcuz he does the same exact thing in canon verse

driftingamongtheclouds ehhhh ripples isnt particularly outstandingā€¦. one of my followers (was it u???) urged me to read it and it was okā€¦.like 6.5/10 idk worth reading but ehhhhhhh