I've been with my boyfriend for 9 months now but even though he's really nice and really cares about me I just don't think I like him in the romantic sense but I feel bad for not feeling the same way that he seems to. I kinda want to see other people but I don't want to break his heart/ruin our friendship/etc

oh no i think its better to break up with him :/ the longer you stay (9 months is rly long…) the more itll hurt


Summary: Sasuke continues working with Team Taka after the war but always comes home to Sakura. 

Once he gets her a jewelry box. It’s simple: mahogany, trimmed with gold, and a cherry blossom carved into the top. He presents it to her wordlessly, interrupting her in the middle of her medical assessment to dig it out of his pack and give it to her. She accepts it with a short mumble of gratitude and he snorts at her minimal reaction. Then they smile at each other, maybe even laugh, and Sakura gathers him into her arms and whispers a proper hello.

He doesn’t tell her where he goes and she doesn’t bother to ask. She thinks Kakashi would tell where he sends Sasuke if she ever went to him, but there’s a part of Sakura that is resolute in her choice to leave him be. Devotion, she comes to understand, is not measured in his capacity to stay, but in his decision to return. So Sakura sleeps on the left side of the bed when Sasuke is on one of his many special missions, never once rolling into the middle. There are always a few tomatoes in the fridge and his favourite brand of tea in the pantry. She keeps her first aid kit in stock, leaves his toothbrush in its spot beside her own, and continues on with her life, only really stopping and thinking about him more than the requisite daily amount when she notices the box on her dresser.

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Sasuke lay in bed beside Sakura, arms wrapped tightly around her. Her breaths came out slowly, evenly, fanning his collarbone. Her hair splayed on his chest, over his left shoulder. She had a leg slung over his, her arm flung across his stomach. She was sound asleep.

He hadn’t meant to end up here, sleeping with Sakura. They were at Kakashi’s small birthday dinner and then she had taken his hand in hers. Silently, he walked her home and she’d accepted it without a word. At her doorstep, he felt a wave of need wash over him and before he knew it, he’d pinned her to the wall and slanted his lips over hers.

"Sasuke-kun…" she had breathed in his ear, as if encouraging him, urging him on, and he continued.

Unapologetically, he had hitched her legs around his hips and carried her to the bedroom. He flung her on the bed, unzipping his shirt and shrugging it off his shoulders.

She looked at him through hooded eyes on the bed and hiked her dress up. Leaning back on her arms, she parted her legs and tipped her head back.

Sasuke had felt his heart jump then and he wasted no time climbing on top of her and feeling her skin under his fingertips.

"Sasuke-kun…!" she’d cried when he entered her, digging her hands in his hair and whispering in his ear.

As he lay there, stroking her hair and feeling her breath on his skin, he didn’t regret it one bit. He remembered the talks he occasionally heard, about her love and the future they didn’t have.

His hand brushed hairs away from her face, revealing her cheek. She looked truly content, and it stirred a storm inside of him. Her warmth seeped into pores, but he felt as if he caused more harm than good.

When the clock striked three, he finally closed his eyes and tried to imagine a future for them.

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that fic is so good is it even real



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But they think that i am ego because i still think about my face even during her death. But why can't they see that i am so damaged that i joke about it? Like instead of comforting me they just talk cock behind my back and this really upsets me because i feel like no one understands me

oh no ://// i understand how you feel, im very close to my grandmother as well. i think you should just cry it out, it will do you good. plus, just ignore your friends for now. when youre not as vulnerable, then deal with it.