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Hello Reviee! Have you watched the trailer of the Fifty Shades of Grey already?

yes!!! love it!!!!

Hey. Is everything working out? Are you going to confront him?

i dont think theres anything to confront him about though, i mean my friends dont usually buy me hot chocolate but i think hes just being friendly


I’m not good at digital drawing but here this is thank you for all the notes and support it meant so much
Now if some amazing artist (dymx, ila, delia, strawberrycreampie, nassel, everyone else I’m forgetting but who are all so amazing) could teach me how to shade and draw and background and everything else I would love you 5ever
Jk I already do but still

Why This Moment ISN’T Just “Platonic”



1) These lines show that Sakura is falling backward

2) And THESE action lines show that she is NOT falling to her left side.


3) Her hair shows which direction she is going in this panel (as does her arm)

4) The lines beside Sasuke’s hand show that he is pulling her toward him

5) If that isn’t enough, THESE action lines show that she is still moving toward Sasuke.which is why she is confused.

I mean, seriously, this is why you get accused of not reading the manga… Sure anyone could catch her, but the fact that he is pulling her body against his means he does care. If he didn’t, he could easily have just held her with his arm.

Pulling her to his heart, might I add. I could keep pointing things out about these panels all day long, but if you don’t recognize this small fact there is no hope for you :P

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Based on this chapter I could totally imagine Naruto constantly asking Sasuke about his relationship with Sakura in the near future.

After a fight.
“So did you apologize to Sakura-chan yet!?”

Sakura’s birthday.
“Teme! What are you planning to give her? You better get something nicer than mine because my present is pretty awesome.”

“WHAT! You’re only 19! That’s too young…. oh well congrats teme! How are you going to propose? Make sure you get down on one knee! But don’t make her cry!! Well okay she can cry a little. I’m so happy for you two!”

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Can you recommend me some Mafia sasusaku?

there’s the chicago series by neon genesis
and something more by the.terrorist
but sakura’s not in the mafia in either of those



persuasion by the blanket updated oh god

am i gonna do a basketball AU bcuz ive been watching knb for the past three days?????????

im not even mad about 686 cuz kishi not only drew a panel of sasuke holding sakura but he enlarged it and made it the last panel of the chapter AND THEN he drew that fkn colour spread bye haters